"Let's see how far our shouts and voices will carry."

[ENG SUB] 140830 JYJ Concert in Vietnam ‘THE RETURN OF THE KING’ – 1st Ment

Credit: Huayu
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[ENG SUB] 140901 OnStyle “Get It Beauty” TV Program: Foreigner Guest mentions Kim Jaejoong’s Popularity in Kyrgyzstan

Note: “Get It Beauty” (Global Center K-Beauty
‘Global Female Heart Hunters’ Corner) it’s a Popular Korean beauty variety show hosted by Yoo In Na (Link)


MC: Who is the most popular (in Kyrgyzstan)?
Anna: Lee Minho and Kim Jaejoong oppa

Video Credit: Nana JYJ
Translated by: @crystalmoon64
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By Khanh:

At around 14:30 JYJ started to rehearse at QK7 Stadium. A lot of people/fans mistook it as CD playing until they heard Junsu’s laughing. Fans were allowed to enter the stadium at 5pm and at 8pm the concert started.

  • Opening: fans chanted JYJ. Red ocean.

    • Creation: JYJ appeared, has Yoochun been working recently? He showed masculine arm muscle.
    • Be The One & Baboboy: followed suit. Junsu keeps smiling when singing this song. Jaejoong looked dangerously delicious and Yoochun was licking his lips during the rap part and we fans went gaga.
    • Opening ment: The members introduced themselves, started with Junsu. Jaejoong was saying “the weather tonight is great, I was worried that it’s going rain but it’s not”. Yoochun said “the weather is extremely hot this afternoon but it is great now and also he’s worried that not many fans will come”. JYJ said “please enjoy the concert till the end with us”
    • Dad You There: Jaejoong hit all the high notes perfectly, as expected. Yoochun’s eyes were deep and Junsu looked really emotional.
    • Let Me See: goose- pump harmonization.
    • VCR: I was overwhelmed with the emotion from Let Me See so when the VCR was showing honestly I was watching but at the same time I was not. It’s like you’re there but you’re not there if you know what I mean.
    • Dear J: when the light was turned back on Jaejoong was already at the center of the main stage wearing white loose shirt and ripped jeans, started to sing his lungs out. Needless to say, his live performance is dae-to-the-bak.
    • 7 years old: Jaejoong exited from the left side of the stage (Junsu’s side) and Junsu entered from the right side and taking over the main stage with 7 years old. His singing voice, as expected, is the best. It carries so much emotion to the point that as if I can hear him laugh, love and cry while telling Fans his story.
    • Thirty: Junsu solo ended with the 7-year-old Junsu said thank you and left the stage from the left side at the same time the 30-year-old adult Yoochun calmly sat on his seat at the centre of the stage, lovingly looked at us from side to side and smiled ever so brightly while waiting for the music to start. He smiled from the moment he started singing to the end of the song, and oh…Junsu’s epic eu kyang kyang was also one of the highlights of this concert. Yoochun exited from the left side of the stage and all fans’ attention was shifted to the extended stage for Tarantallegra.
    • Tarantallegra: Ya Junsu, you’re such a sexy beast. Lotsa hip thrusts. Oh heart, be still. Towards the second half of the song, that was when there was some technical problems with Junsu’s mike and eventually the sound died off. But as professional as he is, our Junsu continued to carry out his performance without a glitch. At that moment Fans started to chant Kim Junsu loud and clear as if to fuel more energy into his burning passion.
    • Incredible: As Tarantallegra ended Junsu smiled, and after the staff fixed his mike he asked if fans are having fun, “let’s go incredible” and “everybody sings it” and fans whole-heartedly participated in “oh oh oh oh oh” part with Junsu. He said thank you and disappeared down the stage on the lift. The focus was then shifted back to the main stage where Yoochun entered with “Walking in the Spring with her”.
    • Walking in the Spring with Her: He started strolling down to the extended stage in a slow pace. He looked all serene and relaxed. When the song ended fans chanted PARK YOOCHUN PARK YOOCHUN…he laughed and said “thank you thank you thank you thank you….I appreciate that” in English. “This is our first time holding a concert in Vietnam, I’m so touched seeing many of you filling up this stadium. I was worried that you won’t come because it is predicted to rain [come on Yoochun] but I guess my worries was in vain” he promised to include Vietnam into JYJ tour in the future and then all of a sudden “I love you man”…HAHAHAHA.
    • I Love You: honestly this song sounds much better live than its studio version. Yoochun + female dancers = eyegasm and eargasm. During his rap, he held out his right hand and showed his ring straight to the camera [mission of some sort?].
    • Butterfly: It’s weird seeing Jaejoong fully clothed here. But I love his new outfit, and of course his husky voice. Somehow less is more I guess. The less skin he showed, the more I could focus on his voice and facial expressions. Nevertheless, I love Jaejoong…clothed and not :’D Fans chanted KIM JAEJOONG KIM JAEJOONG at the end of the song, he smiled and said “thank you”, “the weather is good right?”, “are you feeling hot”, fans answered “no” so Jaejoong said “if you’re not hot then we’re not happy”, “you guys are so energetic today, let me hear you scream”, fans creamed, jaejoong “wowww” [I think fans interpreted hot as hot weather..hahah…culture clash).
    • Mine: Jaejoong-the-pole-dancer did not appear, instead a very fierce Jaejoong pointing at his red ocean as the lyrics went “yeogin ojima naui badaya” did.
    • VCR: the boys’ letter to fans which said thank you and sorry. My eyes were watery then.
    • So So: This was when 2500 red balloons were released into the sky. As I watched our boys, who were only 5m away from where I stood, singing ever so emotionally, images started to flash in my head like a highlight movie. My 8 year journey. My adolescences. The boys’ injustice moments. Paragame performance. Jejudo. AIG. Tears started to fall uncontrollably. Not until Jaejoong’s rendition of “let it go let it go. Let it rain let it rain” and “I love you” that I was brought back to the present. Yes, Jaejoong pulled me back. He always does.
    • Be Me Girl & Dancer’s Show Time: I can’t remember because I blanked out

  • In Heaven: this is probably the best harmonization I’ve ever heard.
  • Ment: Staff was fixing Jaejoong’s mike and so Yoochun said we got additional time to chat. Junsu flaunt his Vietnamese saying we love you, and was trolled by Jaechun. Jaejoong tempted Junsu by saying we learnt some other words too, what’s else is there *turned his head to Junsu*. Junsu thought deep and shyly said again we love you in Vmese which caused Jaechun bursted in laughter *evil brothers* Jaejoong was asking how to pronounce Vmese tradional hat, unlike yoochun who surprisedly acquired perfect Vmese accent, Junsu sounded exactly like a toddler learning how to speak..which is, of course, melted thousand Vgirls’ hearts. The cutest moment was when Jaejoong was asking how to say Beef Noodle in Vmese and Junsu quickly jumped right in and said “Pho” with his 3 years old accent *fainted*.As a payback, when they were taught to say “Beef Noodle is delicious”, Jaejoong quickly turned to Junsu and said “Junsu is delicious”..HAHA.
  • Letting Go: this was when it started to drizzle. The boys put on their white gloves. Another hot moment of JYJ and dancers. When they put their hands on the dancers’ hips, I fainted.
  • Valentine: Rains got heavier. Junsu’s on extended stage, drenched. Staffs were covering all 3 LED screens with huge white nylon sheets.
  • Closing Ment: Jaejoong announced that there is only 1 song left and asked fans to cheer for them till the end. The crowd went “arrrrrrrhhhh” and so Junsu said “but first let us hear your scream”, “anyone of you who are in your 20s, please scream in 3…2…1” .Fans screamed. “anyone of you who are under 20s, please scream in 3…2….1”. Fan screamed, Jaejoong got excited. “Fan boys, please scream”, all the girls screamed in bassy voice hahah..and Jaejoong held out his hand making a no no signs 2 times as if to say I’m not that easy to cheat and laughed. It was pouring cats and dogs that fans could hardly open their eyes, Junsu said “the rain makes us sexier, isn’t it?”,then Jaejoong said “the rain starts at the right time isn’t it?”.
  • Back Seat: I can hardly open my eyes due to the down pour rain, fans stayed put with their light sticks held high.
  • Encore: Fans chanted under the heavy rain for about 2-3 minutes. The boys changed into jeans and concert tees, ready to rock the stage with Empty and Get out. All LED screens were turned off and this is when Jaejoong and Junsu skidded and glided with the water. I never see them this high before. Jaejoong said “now this feels like a true concert in Vietnam”. Jaejoong did not fell down like a lot of people were saying, he intentionally lower himself and rolled around in the water. He was right in front of me when he does that. And Yoochun helped a staff cover one of the speakers
  • Fallen Leaves: both JYJ and fans could hardly open our eyes but we heard them and they heard us. They bowed 3 times and said thank you. Jaejoong “annyeonghi gaseyo”, Junsu “annyeonghi jumuseyo”. No Sad Dawn at the end as all LED screens were turned off right after Back Seat.

I heard the boys went straight to their hotel right after the concertin their drenched outfits. Fans stayed back and picked up all the litters before leaving the venue.

Junsu tweeted right after the concert ended saying he will not forget Vietnam concert in his life time, and I bet 6000 fans who came will never do too. The next day I came to the airport to bid them farewell, the trio seemed to be in a very good mood. Jaejoong took a picture of us with his phone and waved.

Aug 30 2014. JYJ. Red Ocean. Red balloons. Rain. This is how I’ve spent my youth.

“Adolescence is like a heavy rain. Even though you catch a cold from it, you still look forward to experiencing it once again”

Credit: Khanh
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▼Room Type 1

▼Room Type 2

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140901 New 2014 Incheon Asian Games CF (30′)

Credit: Incheon Asian Games 2014
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Episode 1

At that time, I intended to do this interview from various angles but
You can say that I’ve missed the timing

When thinking that this is already the year 2014……
Things that you have already heard about or
Things that you probably have no interest in, but I’ve not edited them out

And so, these may no longer be new but
I will disclose them as the finale episodes from my perspective

Anything that I can disclose about them, these will be the last

I interviewed them based on the sequence they came out from the recording studio
Let me show them in this sequence

First of all, about Junsu
While I was preparing for the interview, Jaejoong came and sat next to me overseeing this
He uploaded the photo taken at that time in his twitter right
I also have photos but because of copyrights, I can’t upload them
Sorry about that (⌒∇⌒)
Interview with Yuchun was recorded the following day

<Junsu Interview>
Recorded: 11 Aug 2012
Venue: Music Studio, staircase next to B Studio

HYT: What was the trigger that started off your love for music?

JS: The trigger for me about music
Was when HOT, the Korean group, debut during my elementary school days
After watching their debut stage, I thought I also want to sing and dance on stage like that. That was how I felt, since then, and began to harbor the dream of becoming an artist.

JJ: It was after seeing the kid Junsu that I wanted so much to become an artist (laugh)
*Jaejoong was teasing Junsu : )

HYT: What was the first CD you bought with your pocket money?

JS: The group HOT’s CD.

HYT: So that was the CD which triggered what you have become now right

JS: That is true.

HYT: Which artist do you have most interest in now?

JS: I do like many artists but
Recently Chris Brown or Lady Gaga,
I like Beyonce too.
Recently I like Nicki Minaj.
(T/N: Hayato-san wrote Nicki Mirage but I think the correct artist should be Nicki Minaj)

HYT: What are the common points between the 3 of you on music?

JS: Common points? Common points? Jaejoong hyeong!
(Junsu was asking Jaejoong the meaning of the Japanese words [common points])

*Jaejoong explained in Korean.

JS: The common points to the 3 of us?

HYT: I want to hear what Junsu thinks.

JS: Always, that music is, personally also to me, is what brings JYJ back to our origin.
Something that we can go back to, like the constant base for us, that’s what I think.
(he turned to Jaejoong to confirm the words [beginning intentions] and Jaejoong interpreted it. Seems like Junsu actually wanted to say [origin])

JS: OK, let’s do it one more time.
That music is, personally to me and to also to JYJ
Is something like that is constant and an origin for us to return to.
A base where we can go back to, you can say it like that.

HYT: On the other hand, is there any difference between you?

JS: Within the similarities, the music genre we like,
More like such things that we think about,
When you see how we compose music, you can tell the type of genre we like is totally different right.
That is, as JYJ, some difference if you want to put it that way,
But that is why, when you gather the genre from all 3 of us,
The extent of that genre becomes good
And becomes what JYJ is good at, I think.

HYT: Then how about solo activities, how did you differentiate with JYJ activities?

JS: JYJ is a group,
So my own parts within this group is something that I have to do,
As long as I can perform my own role well right
But, when you talk about solo, it means alone
And that is precisely when we do genre that we want to do although it is lonely,
But then it is also ability to do music that only you can do alone,
Like those dance numbers and genre which I wanted to try doing previously,
I can do them together now, and I will go find more of this music,
That is the kind of album that only I alone can do I thought.

HYT: Did you originally have some music directions which you wanted to do separately from those of JYJ? Did you find these only during this time?

JS: (replied in Korean so I didn’t understand) Please watch 3V3 ok

HYT: Fans do not seem to have any immunity to Junsu’s TARANTALLEGRA this time but are you moving forward with the same route of music for a while from now?

JS: Well, this doesn’t mean that I will absolutely do the same but
If the music is so, I will use similar way to express them, this “whatever route”,
I don’t set a limit and would want to express freely.
Expressing myself freely like this even from now on.

HYT: What were you like when you were a kid”?

JS: Mostly, how do you put it, a normal boy.

HYT: What was your dream etc. then?

JS: I didn’t have any dream when I was a kid.
There was mostly no childhood dream but
First time I had a dream was…….
Ah! I had my first dream, to become a soccer player was my first dream,
I wanted to be one.
I put in effort to become a soccer player then.

HYT: Do the 3 of you meet each other in your private time?

JS: Once in a while.
But because we have almost no similar off-days among the 3 of us,
So it is tough to meet but when the 3 of us have no work we will meet,
And talk about a lot of things.
Yesterday 3 of us gathered together right, after a long time,
And so, we stayed in the hotel and talked and talked for 6 hours.
We discussed, and we talked about many things.
On music too, on our memories too, and also on our future from now,
We talked a lot about different things.
We had a good time.

HYT: What will JYJ become next year in 2013?

JS: Next year will be, well this year we had our individual activities right
Next year, we will work towards putting JYJ activities even more as the center.

HYT: How do you guys imagine your own future, your aim?

JS: Well, the 3 of us did talk a lot about this,
Somehow things like what we want as a result of what we do, how far do we want to achieve,
All these no longer exist.
There is not much need for these any more,
Maybe it is not right to say we don’t need these,
But well, it is not necessary, as human beings, even as we grow older
You can say that we view many things with similar way like this,
Hmm musically, living our lives, we want to hold some allowance continuously towards many things, we want to live like that. That’s the kind of feeling.
Well we can say that about our attitude towards many things,
We want to live amidst some allowance from now.
(T/N: trying to translate this as accurately as possible and the main message from Junsu is that JYJ no longer wants to live-on with all the burdens on their shoulders. Maybe not ALL the burdens can be lightened, but they want to be able to relax a little and live somewhat with more light-heartedness from now)

HYT: These 3 years, what do you want to do freely?

JS: Next, many things
Firstly on dramas or movies which I have not done,
There are many different things I have not done right
But if I feel that I cannot do it my way, I won’t feel the need to do it quickly.
But some day, I will want to try and put my effort into those.
Although I don’t know when that will be
When I feel that I can do it well
I do want to challenge them.

HYT: You’ve been to many places during your world tour, where do you want to go yet have never been to?

JS: For concert?
I haven’t been to many countries for concert yet right
Argentina or Bali, and even Japan
Japan is rather near but it’s also not easy for us to go
It’s too bad
And Japan, for that part, we’ve been told continuously that there are fans who are waiting for us right?
When we hear this, it is always something tough and difficult for us
We will never forget that we have support anytime and from everywhere
Some day we will definitely be enjoying the same stage with all of you
We’ll work towards being able to realize this someday.

HYT: Let’s realize this next year!! Let’s do it definitely!

JS: We’ll work hard on it. Please support us.
<After Interview>

HYT: 3 of you have lost weight, are you guys on diet?

JS: Recently we haven’t been dieting but no time to get fatter you see.

Episode 2

<Jaejoong Interview>
Recorded: 11 Aug 2012
Venue: Music Studio, Staircase next to B Studio
HYT: What was the trigger that started off your love for music?

JJ: Nothing special that triggered my love for music but
Around sixth grade or first year in high school, I suddenly got addicted to Korean folk songs.
And I started doing imitations of those artists I got addicted to.
From there onwards, although I wasn’t good at singing,
I got better and better.
Once I started doing imitations, naturally the songs too
For example although there was no need to sing, when resting at home, strolling outside, or even during my free time,
I listened to songs to imitate so it’s like I will practice singing
And since I kept singing, my throat gets used to it
And I got better which resulted in my interest.

HYT: Any particular singer that you imitated because you like him?

JJ: There was none.

HYT: What triggered you to want to sing in front of people?

JJ: Naaah, I just wanted to become a singer.
Putting my voice inside something called a CD
That CD got released, and then I get to listen to that CD you see.
I wanted to feel what it is like.
Everyone, probably all artists
Started off with their triggers at the same position I believe.
Want to be popular, or want their CDs to sell more,
Those are secondary right

HYT: What was the first CD you bought with your pocket money? You remember?

JJ: I do remember. Same as what Junsu said just now.
Korean group HOT’s CD
That was the first one I bought myself.
They were very popular then, that….

HYT: What are the common points between the 3 of you on music?

JJ: Probably the pure love we have for music is the same
We were aligned from those purest time right
From then the music which we started together was the same
Maybe the type of music we like has come to become similar.
But I think everyone knows that
Each of us has our own little distinctness.

HYT: You mean it’s like your aims are similar?

JJ: The thing we aim for is probably a little different in style
But similarity is probably our wish to try new music
With new style and genre.

HYT: Junsu did solo and if there is a chance, does Jaejoong wish to challenge solo too?
(T/N: please bear in mind that this interview was done in 2012)

JJ: Well, yes. I want to try
And I think because Junsu sang alone
The music was soaked deep with Junsu’s personality.

HYT: Is there a type of music which JYJ should do, and one that is better for solo?

JJ: Ballad has stronger individuality than dance numbers, and Junsu’s ballad
Is perfect for Junsu.
There were many ballads which I was glad it was Junsu who sang them
In Junsu’s album.

HYT: You wrote the song [NO GAIN] for Junsu,
Is there any message behind that?

JJ: Probably anyone who heard that song agrees about the Jaejoong mood inside.
Top it off with Junsu’s vocal
I thought the song felt really new and fresh.

HYT: Are you satisfied listening to Junsu singing it?

JJ: Yes satisfied.
The guide with my vocal inside sounded totally different.
So there was an even more fresh feeling to it, am satisfied.

HYT: Have you never thought about singing yourself too?

JJ: No, I’ve already sang it.
Not inside the CD but when I provided my vocal guide and I have that.

HYT: You sang it during fan meeting right.

JJ: Well, just a short one.

HYT: What will JYJ become next year in 2013?

JJ: In 2013, we need to level-up even more than this year
And to show everyone this, we need to put in more effort,
Will be good if we can do activities in Japan next year.
We have been saying this every year but definitely want to try next year.

HYT: Where in Japan do you want to do a tour?

JJ: Really anywhere. Well, other than Tokyo….
Hmmm instead of specific place, I think it’s great anywhere in Japan.
Well it’s under the same sky and I want those fans a little far away
To think that we did come to Japan.

HYT: What kind of kid were you?

JJ: When I was a kid (laugh) Hmm I disliked being normal I think.
I liked to do things different from my friends.
I wanted to do different things.
For example, although it is not something good, pierce (ear) or clothes I wore.

HYT: What was your dream as a kid?

JJ: My dream, like what everyone knows, was to become a supermarket’s owner.
Reason was really simple
I thought I can eat whatever candies I want…. laugh

HYT: What do you do when you are alone?

JJ: Now?
When I’m alone I make music, listen to music, drink etc.

HYT: Not lonely?

JJ: Lonely but I like this loneliness.
I like to space-out alone.

HYT: Which country do you want to go to for World Tour?

JJ: Junsu went this time, but I want to go Indonesia.
I haven’t been there yet.
You went? How was it?
*Jaejoong in a chatty mode. Laugh.

HYT: I went to watch Junsu.
I happened to have some work in Jakarta so I thought I definitely wanted to go.

JJ: `How was it?

HYT: Was really good. Fans are the same. They react to the same thing at the same moment.

JJ: I want to go.

HYT: By the way your drama was really fabulous. Final episode tomorrow right.
When you were Gyeon Tak and acted with so many actors
What do you learn from them?

JJ: A lot of things. Not something words can express.
I learned how to feel with my eyes and use those emotions when acting with them.

HYT: Is that like how you express what you feel when looking at your counterpart act?

JJ: Yes that’s right. There is no special formula for this.
How shall I put it~~ You won’t know unless you directly act it out
But it was something that I couldn’t learn even during my acting lessons.

HYT: You had time for acting lessons?

JJ: Well we get our drama roles right
When I receive my character, I want to become that person
When I get to the filming location and act it out with the other actors
It became my instinct, like I can do it naturally.
Hmm, how much I improve or not, I can’t really tell
That I really don’t know
But I do it thinking I will try my best. Laugh.

HYT: The suicide scene of your father (in the drama) was a masterpiece right
I thought that was not even acting already.

JJ: Thank you.

HYT: That was not acting but penetration into the role right

JJ: Yes.
Well seriously, at that moment~, he wasn’t my real father
And this wasn’t about me but I was really sad, at that time.
So naturally my tears came and I was into my role.

HYT: That is immersing into acting
No link with your own father right?

JJ: Right, no link.
But Gyeon Tak and his father’s relationship
When I think about that situation
I was so sad it is like there is no way I can don’t shed tears here.
HYT: On the topic of acting, what do you think of Yuchun as an actor?

JJ: Wonderful isn’t he. Laugh
It may seems strange for me to say this but
I think he is a very charismatic actor.
He acts with a charisma which I don’t have.

HYT: You’ve lost weight right.

JJ: The only way is to lose weight isn’t it~

HYT: Were you dieting?

JJ: Not on purpose.
Couldn’t sleep much and didn’t eat well, very hot too.
Also I did drama and movie at the same time so I can only go slimmer.

HYT: Fans said “Eat, Get Fat” in their messages you know.

JJ: But they won’t like it if I am fat right. Laugh.

HYT: How much weight did you lose?

JJ: Around 4-5kg.

And here we reached time-up.
*After this, I told him about Saori-san who passed away.
Many people supported her
And that ring of bond has gradually expanded, and for the sake of her
I also told him that everyone wants to support Jaejoong together.
Then he said this year a number of fans have passed away. So sad….
And so I said this to him
Everyone is cheering for Jaejoong you know, good luck.

Episode 3

< Yuchun Interview >
Recorded: 12 Aug 2012
Venue: Sitting on the staircase that connects the 2F of the house which 3 of them stayed in

HYT: What was the trigger that started off your love for music?

YC: Originally, well, not as a singer but a song-writer or something
I had a dream of becoming a person who makes music but
When I joined the company and met the members, together with members, well, I became a singer you see.
…….. Hmmm, while practising….. I went through a year of under-studying…..
Practised and debut after 1 year of training……. originally that was…..
When I think about it now, I think I was lucky to become a singer but
In the beginning, well, a song-writer or
A music-maker was my first and initial dream you see.

HYT: What was your dream as a kid?
Something to do with music as expected?

YC: I lived in the America between 6th grade and high school…..
Of course I had dreams at that that time
But more than that….. it was…. how do I put it…
I was a little busy with doing part-time jobs
And couldn’t really go to school…..
But in-between this and that, I did hold some dreams….
You want to oooo? (couldn’t hear) and such things did happen
But then, that kind of dream…… The allowance (extra time for myself) to even live on holding on to some dream was
Something that I didn’t have at that time you see
That is why, well, prior to anything else, was the reality of, that money hurdle
That was utmost important then.

HYT: What kind of kid were you?
Were you the type of kid who worked part-time jobs till dawn?

YC: Those times….. As a kid…..
The wish to be a normal kid….. I had that
Just attend school normally, play with friends normally and chat…..
That was…. well, normal…
It’s a little…… to compare whether it is normal or abnormal…..
It was because I was small at that time that I didn’t know I supposed…..
Well, just not working part-time jobs but
Like a normal kid and friend……
Something like that….. was my wish then

HYT: When I asked you previously, you were saying that the sound of dish-washing was somehow comforting to you….
This is link to that right? (that what you wish most is to be normal)

YC: Yes….. Something like that…… When I think about it now…. Well…..
Hmmmm, probably they’re connected I think

HYT” Do you remember the first CD you bought with your pocket money?

YC: I bought the tape in elementary school but……. I can’t remember.
Coz I bought many
CD was…… It was in my high school days…..
I was working part-time jobs when oooo (? couldn’t hear)… The money…
Ah, I think it was the 2nd album
Among the groups in America….
98 Degrees…. there was this group
Now there is no (? couldn’t hear) structure any more I think…..
I bought that group’s CD

HYT: You said you wanted to be a song-writer just now….
This means you’ve been studying music at a young age?

YC: Naaah I’ve never study that before
Yet at the same time I wanted to be a song-writer, I want to make music
By having these dreams I can be away from my life now….. It was to escape
I probably have these feelings I think, when I think back now.
At that time…. Now…. I was thinking about those times
What was it? I don’t know….. That….
All I can say is….. That I don’t know…
But now when I think back, there was a mixture of many feelings then…..
As a route of escape… A chance?……
Probably so right? I thought so.

HYT: What are your thoughts about the connection between JYJ 3 of you and music?

YC: 3 of us is like one ooo (? couldn’t hear)…..
It’s similar but the music part of it……
Especially like that….. I don’t think we want to do it definitely like that.
For example, well, when members write songs (together),
It’s a feeling of freedom and freely we, well, give our opinions, and our greediness in that…
I show them the melody I made, but I don’t have the will to definitely do it that way.
In other words….. as expected….. the other members…
Tthe heart to trust each other as members…. we probably had.

HYT: For example, Junsu did a solo concert this year
That and JYJ’s music….. maybe it’s different from the music in solos right…..

YC: A little different yes

HYT: How about Yuchun on that point?
As part of JYJ you want to express it this way etc
For example, to hold solo concert like that…..

YC: Me? Yes!

HYT: Yes? You feel that way?

YC: Naaah… Hmmm… It is possible but…..
Release an album, release a CD and do solo activities…
Yes I do think of that but looking at Junsu’s solo activities and tour…..
Looking at his live…. Junsu is better at this than me.
I thought it was great that Junsu was the first to do solo activities
Yes I thought so.
But well, as you know, the genre I like is different so what I want to do,
The genre I like
I do want to write songs for such music
But I am not confident to do such activities now you see.
In addition to dance and sing solo on top of the stage……
It’s a bit impossible for me to do 12 or 20 songs like that…

HYT: In contrast, how about the 3 of you creating something together on what you yourself want to do, and what you want to make?

YC: That is possible.

HYT: 2013….. What will JYJ become next year?
What kind of activities will you do?

YC: The 3 of us into the military?….. Because we don’t know when
Until then I want to do what we couldn’t so far, activities in Japan etc….
Doesn’t have to be in the Dome you know
Arena or Hall, a tour like that…. We want to do…..
I really want to do so, and drama or acting is good too…
But finally 3 of us doing live….. That’s what I want to do.

HYT: That, I will definitely support so let’s definitely do it

YC: yes

HYT: How do you spend time alone?

YC: I just do nothing
When I am alone, I play game or just space-out
If I am home…. When I’m home I eat a lot you see
Mom will……
Why do you eat 5 times, 5 – 6 times so much a day it’s too…..
Er, are you stressed out? ………..She’ll ask
No it’s not that, it’s just that no matter how much I eat and eat…..
I don’t feel full….. You see
So I keep eating, and keep spacing out, and keep going to the toilet
Er, when I’m in Korea it is always hot
So although I want to go strolling with my dogs, it’s not possible since it is too hot

HYT: Don’t you go fishing or something?

YC: I did go fishing about 2 times when I went Busan recently
But the tides were so high I couldn’t really fish

HYT: You rested in Bali right…… How do you relax and enjoy your off days there?

YC: Right, Bali…..
Bali was…. I really did nothing….. Just to-and-fro between the sea and the apartment only
So, I know that there is nothing much there
I didn’t have anything I wanted to do there.
When I was there in Bali, it was really just the photo shoot…. filming only
Then having beers with staff and just chatting
Until then….. I was rather busy so didn’t have time to chat like that

HYT: I heard that you read a lot so did you read any book then?

YC: I tried to but…… Couldn’t

HYT: In your world tour,
What country do you want to go?

YC: Where are the fans?
Those will be the countries I want to go
Turkey, India etc.

HYT: I want to ask about Yuchun the actor
This time you got rave reviews too and again another award
What is the lure of acting so different from your music activities?

YC: I’m not sure but I just enjoy it
Together with actors and the staff, about 50 – 80 of us
Filming and working together without much sleep for 3 – 4 months, that kind…..
It is not friendship but more like the birth of some kind of bond
ooo (? couldn’t hear)…. Was a first-time experience for me

HYT: This time you came back when your dad passed away
You had to immediately go back to filming right…..
Yet you did so well…..
Was there some kind of power that you used to enable you to do so?

YC: I wanted to run away at first
I really thought to run away
I didn’t want to do any filming or anything at all
Those who looked only at me, my manager and staff and stylist
My mom and younger brother and members and agency and fans
Everyone was really supportive…..
Aaaah I need to be well again, that was what I thought.
A little bit more, with my heart now, at this moment
If I put a little bit more effort, the drama would have been completed and I will be able to have some allowance
I wanted to think that way
At that time, my staff and manager
My family who only looked at me……
I actually got strength from them……… So I went filming after pulling out such strength

HYT: I personally call that the RTP-walk, but has that become a habit?

YC: (misunderstood and thought that I meant the RTP-speech)
I don’t know about now, and it has ended already
After completing the drama (Rooftop Prince) and when I have to comment about it in Korea in Korean language
That, how shall I say, the way I do my speech?…..
It just came out….. naturally
In other words, I didn’t have to do anything and it just came out like that
That could be from pressure…… I don’t want that kind of pressure to be normal
I wanted to speak like Yuchun….. But yet my comment was recorded in that style
It’s just like the drama….. And that, again and again I did so
(? couldn’t hear that part)
Now it’s probably an issue (? couldn’t hear) I think
*I’m sorry, I did understand him at that time….. Perspiration

HYT: As a fellow actor, how do you see Jaejoong’s acting?

YC: I watched Jaejoong’s drama and I was surprised….
Frankly, that Jaejoong in a period drama was really addictive….
Actually, hmmmm…… that acting was done with so much heart….
Normall you can tell if that is acting or not, right…..
Yet I can’t tell, well, that acting was done with so much heart put into it
I was so touched by it
At first I was surprised, and later I was touched

HYT: The last part, he was totally immersed into it, his role

YC: Yes (agree)
That.. Well… Somehow… I want to upgrade my level….
Even if you think so it is impossible to act with heart bearing such thoughts
I think…..
That… Various…. Nothing to do with such pressure
And just believing in yourself….. Like that….
That was how it is done, that is why Jaejoong is…..
Like that….. he achieved level-up right

HYT: As an actor, a role you want to do or
Is there something like that you want to try out

YC: At this moment there is nothing in particular I want to do or try
Or shall I say there are many (?)
Whatever is fine, as long as that character is something that I can do
I want to challenge anything

The end.
When recording the interviews, I used iPhone to keep these for my own records
There are many parts difficult to hear or I couldn’t hear.
Of course, I can hear these using actual recording equipments
Don’t worry

Well well
What do you think of the finale episodes?

Those I have written about them so far
Are less than 10% of what I do know
But doesn’t mean that I have to spread what I know
And again there are people who take these good and deep contents with malice
It is difficult to convey in words
Please do understand

And with this
The End (⌒∇⌒)

(note by T/N: These 3 updates by Hayato-san were tough to translate. What with the time-lag and the things which actually happened these 2 years.
Especially difficult was Yuchun’s. While Junsu and Jaejoong are usually clear and precise, using simple words to express themselves, Yuchun as usual use the round-about way to say something.
He is never clear nor precise. Coupled with his Japanese, I doubt Hayato-san knows exactly what Yuchun wanted to convey 100%, judging by what he updated. But even so, I hope you have at least some idea of what Yuchun wanted to convey through this)

Source: Hayato-san Blog (1), (2), (3)
Translated by: Jen_BabyLove of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3

2009 | Heaven’s Postman – Shin Jae Joon
2010 | Sunao ni Narenakute – Park Sung Soo
2011 | Protect the Boss – Cha Mu Won
2012 | Dr. Jin – Kim Kyung Tak
2012 | Jackal is Coming – Choi Hyun
2014 | Triangle – Heo Young Dal / Jang Song Chul

2010 | Sungkyunkwan Scandal – Lee Sun Joon
2011 | Miss Ripley – Song Yoo Hyun
2012 | Rooftop Prince – Lee Gak
2012 | Missing You – Han Jung Woo
2014 | Three Days – Han Tae Kyung
2014 | Sea Fog – Dong Sik

2010 | Mozart! – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
2011 | Tears of Heaven – Junhyung
2011 | Mozart! – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
2012 | Elisabeth – Tod/Death
2013 | Elisabeth – Tod/Death
2013 | December – Jiwook
2014 | Dracula – Count Dracula

Credit: DC JYJ Gall
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[TRANS] I’m going there this month and will talk with your father… Director Kim^^

[TRANS] @poimin73 You can come anytime hyung~~^^

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140831 MBC Let’s Go! Video Travel : “해무” / “Haemoo” / “Sea Fog”

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[TRANS] The good memories and happy memories of Vietnam, I am returning to them^^
Especially to all of the FANs for staying in their seats and enjoying [the concert] while even welcoming the rain yesterday~ Thanks and I love you~ ♥

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[PICS] Jeju-do’s Toscana hotel’s CEO Kim Junsu’s Business Cards

Credit: Analodge Engine blog
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After JYJ’s concert at SVĐ QK7 end, group JYJ returned to their hotel to rest with the resounding echos of their great success from the spell of their concert. Member Jaejoong always proves being friendly with each and everyone.

Having a large and powerful number of fans, on the night of 30/8, JYJ’s concert took place at SVĐ QK7 and was a great success with the enthusiastic support of fans. JYJ not only performed but also interacted with their audience.

After the spell of their concert, JYJ had their organizers and entourage take them back to InterContinental Asiana Saigon hotel to rest. A number of enthusiastic fans followed to “escort” the idol going back to the hotel.

Jaejoong is autographing and also answering some questions from fans

Jaejoong’s signature

Source: Baotinnhanh.vn
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Let Me See

Solo Performance – 7 Years old

Solo Performance – Incredible

Letting Go


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Solo Performance – Lazy Life / 30 years old

Solo Performance – Walking with her in the Spring

Solo Performance – I Love You

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