"Let's see how far our shouts and voices will carry."

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Yeongdal(Kim Jaejoong) gets tongue tied over and over when he tries to talk to DS(Lee Beomsu)~ Dongsu patiently waits for his yo under brother. Yeongdal does his best not losing his hold of the emotion!
And the Triangle team silently waits for him. Check this out in the video now~


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[VIDEO + TRANS] 140723 Kim Jaejoong’s congratulatory message for JYJ Japan Official Fanclub’s 2nd anniversary


“Hello everyone. I’m Jaejoong from JYJ. How are you everyone? Japanese official homepage had its second year anniversary. Thank you. Umm… For this important homepage to be able to continue, which connects JYJ and fans in Japan, I beg your kindness by supporting even in the future. We will also work hard from this point forward, so please give us a lot of support.

Well…This was by Jaejoong”.

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우린 정말 완벽해

[TRANS] We really are perfect

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Sea Fog will be premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

According to the distribution company NEW on July 23, Sea Fog received an invitation to premiere at the Festival′s Gala Presentation.

It is the only Korean movie to be invited this year.

TIFF starts on September 4.

It is one of the top four film festivals in the world along with the Cannes, Venice and Berlin festivals.

The Good, the Bad, the Weird, The Housemaid and Cold Eyes have previously premiered at the Festival′s Gala.

TIFF′s art director Cameron Bailey commented that Sea Fog is a dramatic film that has an essential and emotional power to grab audiences, and that he is proud to be able to introduce Sea Fog to audiences at TIFF.

Director Shim Seong Bo of Sea Fog said about the news, “I′m looking forward to showcasing at TIFF this story of ordinary sailors living their lives in Korea′s 1998 economic crisis. I′m also very curious on whether foreign audiences will be able to catch the context of the film.”

Sea Fog has already marked great success overseas. Rights were sold to Japan, France, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore after the release of its 10-minute promotion video.

The movie is about six sailors who decide to carry stowaways on their ship through a sea fog. It premieres in Korea on August 13.

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[NEWS] “Sea Fog” goes to Toronto International Film Festival via Hancinema

[VIDEO] 140723 SBS News reports about ‘Dracula’ press call

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[TRANS] August 1!


JYJ3′s Note: As soon as Jaejoong tweeted this date in Japanese, alot fans started to question what is the meaning of this date?, what should we anticipate for this date?.
Especially japanese fans, since their tweets started to trend in Japan.
We usually avoid to share this information, because Jaejoong’s tweets almost always trends in Japan, but this time it was quite spontaneous the reactions ^^

1.- ” Jaejoong what?” in Japan Trends

2.- “Jaejoong” in Hot Words

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[OFFICIAL VIDEO] 140723 JYJ “All for One ~ One for all” Advertisement (15s) via CJESJYJ

[NEWS] C-JeS Launches JYJ’s Commercial with 1 Billion Won Investment

JYJ is returning with a bang.

C-JeS Entertainment announced, “JYJ’s brand commercial began airing on July 21. This commercial has been scheduled to air during the ‘golden hours’ on each of the major channels and we have invested 1 billion won for it to be aired for the next three weeks with the same frequency as the other major companies’ commercials. Fans have been responding enthusiastically since the commercial began airing.”

The commercial production team stated, “The JYJ members have carried out individual activities in the last four years, climbing to the top in their careers through dramas, movies, musicals and solo albums. We wanted to express their passion and individuality as well as the synergy effect that they show when they’re together.”

C-JeS Entertainment rep stated, “This commercial is not a commercial to promote JYJ’s album or tour but to spread JYJ’s name as a brand. We will periodically produce commercials to spread the ability and image of JYJ as artists. This kind of artist brand commercial has never before seen in the entertainment industry and we believe it will be able to open a new prospect in the entertainment marketing.”

Check out the commercial here!

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Today, I was seated a little in the back. Yuchun and G-Dragon were 3-4 rows behind and I saw Kim Hoyoung (T/N musical actor) sitting in the row in the front :) Yuchun was especially so cute when he entered the venue before the 2nd part and at the start of the curtain call.

When Yuchun entered the venue on the 2nd part, all the fans were staring at him and I guess he felt a little embarrassed(?) because he kept talking with the people in front of him, turning into a “mandoo” (T/N dumpling; expression that means being all smile and all cute) T_T At the time of the curtain call, I thought he would leave the venue but he clapped his hands earnestly before Xiacula came out. His cheeks went upward and he even did his special “chu” lips action. He was just so cute!

Yuchun left after watching the curtain call. When he saw all the fans standing up to clap, he was surprised at first, making this expression ㅇㅅㅇ then he laughed and stood up together with us to clap.

Today, Yuchun was seated in the 16th row next to Jung Sukwon and Junho (JUNO). The order seemed to be Yuchun-Jung Sukwon-Junho.

Sources: @XIA_Dove + @KBYEBYEK + @Elisabeth6002
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A new OST of drama ‘Triangle,’ sung by Kim Jae Joong, will be officially released today.

On July 22nd, a new OST of MBC drama ‘Triangle,’ ‘Coincidence’, will be officially released. Kim Jae Joong, who is casting in the drama as Huh Young Dal sang the song himself, and many fans and viewers are showing particularly huge anticipation.

July 21st broadcast of ‘Triangle’ showed Oh Jung Hee(Baek Jin Hee) and Huh Young Dal(Kim Jae Joong) learning that they were each other’s first love.

‘Coincidence’ is a rock number with powerful electric guitar riffs, and lyrical melodies. While the beginning part of the song tries to conceal the wildness that love can sometime have, the wildness gets more and more unleashed by the later part of the song.

Kim Jae Joong wrote the lyrics himself, and he could lyrics that express all of the troubles and changes that Huh Young Dal goes through in the drama.

Meanwhile, ‘Triangle’ has only three more episodes to go.

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[NEWS] 140722 Kim Jaejoong writes lyrics for the 2nd OST of Drama Triangle reflective of Youngdal’s sorrowful heart

Kim Jaejoong’s second OST for Drama Triangle was released.

Another OST Kim Jaejoong sang came out in the episode 23 of MBC Drama Triangle aired on the 21st. The viewers could hear Kim Jaejoong’s low voice flowing in the background when the fact that Junghee (Baek Jinhee) and Yeongdal(Kim Jaejoong) were each others’ first love was revealed. It received rave response from the viewers right after it was broadcasted. The song was released at noon today(22nd) and is receiving hot attention again.

The title of the song is ‘Destiny’. Kim Jaejoong wrote the lyrics once again for this song as he did for the first OST, ‘Though I Hate’. Lyrics like ‘I’m afraid my dream may slip away while I search for the truth/My heart gets torn as I try to embrace someone else’s tears/In this reality of mine, I’m curious about what’s ahead of me’ reflect Yeongdal’s feelings extremely well.

The composer Baek Chunghun explains, “Kim Jaejoong’s explosive voice hits the climax above the melody. He keeps disappointment and rage under control until he roars; he is mesmerizing all throughout the song.”

Kim Jaejoong enriches the drama even more by his OST on top of his acting. You can meet him every Mondays and Tuesdays at 10 PM on MBC.

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[NEWS] JYJ’s Jaejoong sings OST for ‘Triangle’ and it’s beautiful via Hellokpop

Thanks to YangHa’s advise JungHee saves YoungDal from danger
JH: You didn’t text me?
YD: No, u didn’t text me?
Hyun PS to the guy who tried kill YD: Don’t move until I tell you to
YD: There are so many enemies not sure who did this
YD: This fight won’t take long, I don’t want to worry DS, I will take care of Yoon and GBT

YoungDal meets YangHa/DonWoo + DalHee
- YD to YH: Tell me now if you have something to tell, timing is crucial in telling truth, what you are holding to doesn’t seem worthy

- YH to his adoptive dad Yoon: Hyun cannot escape, you are in danger too, I can’t help you this time
“I still can’t agree the way you face the danger, and I can’t understand.”
- JH to YD: hear your past you don’t remember from grandma
- JH to Grandma: He lost memory coz he went through such hard time after he was lost
- Grandma to YD: your mom suffered post maternal depression don’t blame her too much
- Granny told YD that his mom suffered much back then, she even tried to kill herself. so granny hope YD will understand mom even a little.

DongSoo discovers that their Mother died from cancer T___T
- Jang Mother had pancreatic cancer..
- DS to his Mom: How could you do this to me? Leaving me like this again…
You should’ve seen DW (YangHa) and said sorry to DC (YoungDal)

Jang’s brothers Mom Funeral - YoungDal and DongSoo cry for their mother TT_____TT + DalHee
YoungDal/DongChul: where are you? I didn’t get to tell her I am DongChul
YD: Do you remember me? I couldn’t tell you who I am … I had something I must to tell you. who do I talk to now?

YangHa/DongWoo discovers his birth mother died, pretend to be cold but goes to the funeral and cry too TT____TT
Previously : SH to YH: Your birth mother passed away.. DC and DS are there… It be nice if u join them
YH: she has nothing to do with me I have no regret

- JH to YD & DS: YH came by when you were asleep
- SH: It is important that YH began to change.. Be patient and Take it slowly
- YD to ManBong: pls avoid all out war against GBT, I can get rid of him wo war. I have another hidden card received from elder Anh.
- YD to YH: Don’t struggle alone Tell me if it’s too hard… if you change ur mind, we don’t have to fight
- SH: When are u getting married? - YD/DC: You must get married first - SH: DS didn’t proposed to Me yet…
- Yoon to YH: Do I have to give this project to Hyun as well? If you can’t take care of this, I will give everything to Hyun

Junho discovers Hyun’s plans about getting rid of YangHa and warns YoungDal + 3 Jang brothers meeting
- Hyun: YH is forsaken by Yun. I will get rid of him once for all
- DC to DS: DW is in danger…

Only 2 Episodes left to the Final!!!!

Source: MBC Drama
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[INFO] Yuchun wrote it in the photo zone on the 4th floor of Seoul Arts Center (where ‘Dracula’ is being held/performed).
{Extra snippet: In the venue, Yuchun was seated on row 16 next to Jung Sukwon and Junho (via Elisabeth6002)}

[TRANS] I love you, Junsu!

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[INFO] 2014 Toronto International Film Festival News Release – ‘Sea Fog’ to have an International (Movie) Premiere

Source: TIFF
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Park Yuchun: I really enjoyed filming with Han Yeri-ssi as my partner. At the filming site, we constantly talk a lot while looking at the script. We exchanged many conversations as we acted out the different situations as our own roles while facing each other. I received a lot of help from Han Yeri-ssi. You have to rely on your acting partner to express the feelings/emotions and with Yeri-ssi I was able to capture those emotions very naturally.

Han Yeri:My work with Yuchun was a huge encouraging force to me. If you want to learn, there’s a lot to be learned. While acting with the seniors, Yuchun really turned into the character of Dongshik gradually. Over time, he just immersed into his character. When I look at that side of him, I thought to myself, “He’s really an excellent actor.”

Credits: @happpppyu1000
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[INFO] To celebrate the first ever airing of Park Yuchun’s 3 days in Japan, KNTV will be giving away autographed photos of Yuchun!

[INFO] 3 Yuchun’s signed photos will be given to KNTV viewers for celebrating 3days first broadcast in Japan.

Credit: KNTV
Info by: @rubypurple_fan + @babyskymicky
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A Press Call for the musial ‘Dracula’ was held at Opera House of Seoul Arts Center in Seocho-gu, Seoul on July 22.

Musical ‘Dracula’ tells a sad and fateful love story of Dracula and Mina. This Musical had its first premiere on Broadway in 2004. Its original is a fiction written by Bram Stoker.

This musical attracted public attention as Kim Jun-su of JYJ has been cast. Kim Jun-su has received attention as he performed on several musicals such as ‘Mozart,’ ‘Elizabeth’ and ‘December.’ He has been already recognized as a good actor and singer, but now he is expanding his capacity as an artist.

In this musical, Audiences can see beautiful stages and dresses that represent gothic era. At the Press Call, they performed ‘Forever Young’ and ‘Fresh Blood.’

Meanwhile, musical ‘Dracula’ has 170 minutes of running time. It is showing from July 15 to September 5.

‘Fresh Blood’, Dracula (Park Eun-suk) got power with fresh blood

She is born again at the funeral of Lucy. Dracula(Ryu Jung-han), Luch (Lee Ji-hye)

Dracula (Kim Jun-su) having a fight with Vampire Hunter Van Helsing

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