"Let's see how far our shouts and voices will carry."

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Thank you for the translations and all updates of JYJ. Sometimes we think on ourselves and not notice (realize) how much work you have to do to keep us informed about these guys thank we love so much. Again my sincere thank you <3 Have a nice day =_=

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3 Jang Brothers meeting
- YH: I know Hyun wanted to take Daejung all along
- YD/DC: you know who tried to kill me he knows who you are so he will try to kill u too
- DC: hyungs trying to protect you don’t be childish
- YH: who are my hyungs? You are just enemy of my dad
DS to YD: we need to finish this fight soon or something really terrible will happen

- YD saves his little bro!!!

YangHa and YounDal new bet
- YH: call HYD want to play Holdem w him he will come
- YD: Dongwu is looking for me… you are drunk go home and get some sleep
- YH: I know I’m drunk but that doesn’t mean I can’t play. Let’s bet our lives. If I win you quit Daejung if ypu win, you can ask me whatever.
- YD: whatever right? Then just one game!
- YD wins!
- YH: I’m unlucky.. Ask me what you want… Should I resign?
- YD: I’m your hyung, call me hyung that’s my demand
- YH: hyung… What the…
- YD: let him sleep …

YoungDal introduces DongSoo to his future in law family
- Grandma to DongSoo: You remind me of my son.. Make me miss him and your father
- Grandma: felt so sorry for your mom
- Grandma: DS was really mature for his age

- YH: why am I here? Can’t remember anything
- Madam Jang: you lost your bet byt you didn’t call him hyeong and passed out

GBT in Trouble
- GBT’s loyal boodyguard advise GTB to sell his stocks to HYD.
- YD: we got GBT’s stock and became the major stock holder of Daejung

YD’s Celebration Party + Karaoke Scene
- JS: this is a historical day for YD who used to b street thug turned major stock holder of Daejung
- YD/DC: thank u for coming to my mom’s funeral… Thank u for trusting me who was nothing… I won’t disappoint you
- YD/DC: Thank you for trusting me n loving me

GBT plans to kill YH
- Yoon: You still don’t know me? Don’t worry there will be a twist GBT is insane now HYD will pay for making him go insane
- GBT: I will kill HYD tonight for sure!
- Hyun PilSang: killing YH will be more painful to HYD than killing him
- YD/DC: DW is in danger hyeong!

Tomorrow Last Episode!!

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Cast introductions & comments

Stars Lee Byunghun, Joo Won, Han Jimin & more show up

Dracula…I mean, Kim Junsu appears!


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[PHOTO] 씬플레이빌 8월호 발행! #시아준수#정선아#xia #jyj #뮤지컬 드라큘라#8월호B-cut#sceneplaybill instagram.com/p/q_cw-PJXoy/

[TRANS] scene PLAYBILL August issue publication! # XIAJunsu # JungSunah # xia # jyj # musical Dracula # augustissue B-cut # sceneplaybill


[PHOTO] 씬플레이빌 8월호가 발행되었어요!! #시아준수#김준수#jyj #xia #씬플레이빌#씬클럽#뮤지컬드라큘라#sceneplaybill instagram.com/p/q_wcL2pXgX/

[TRANS] scene PLAYBILL August issue has been published!! #XIAJunsu #KimJunsu #jyj #xia #scenePLAYBILL #sceneclub #musical Dracula #augustissue B-cut #sceneplaybill

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[TRANS] Last week of shooting Triangle. Actors and staff are pulling all-nighters without sleep. Pls tune in at MBC~

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Please. Please. If you have time, can you translate jyj's 'creation'. My heart is aching for this song. It is so SO good.

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140728 OBS Unique Entertainment News: ‘I am a man!’ – special feature on top males

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