"Let's see how far our shouts and voices will carry."

JYJ3 Note: Seongeup Land is located on Jeju Island.


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Note: Sungeup Land is Located in Jeju Island. This is an old photo of Jaejoong’s trip to Jeju with his friends.

[PHOTO] 비가 오는데도 바글바글 성읍랜드를 찾아주셔서 넘 감사한 맘이 가득한 오늘..♡ 마감정리하는데 쨘~하고 놀러온 영웅재중쒸..♡ 비오늘 날 쒼나게 뿡뿡카트타공 비가오니 더~ 잼있다고 폭풍칭찬까지ᆢ♡ 마무리는 뿡메리카노 한 모금..ㅋ 넘 멋찐 재중쒸~ 늘 성읍랜드가 응원합니다..♡ #제주#성읍랜드#인스타그램#셀스타그램#카페#뿡뿡카트#즐거움#아메리카노 http://instagram.com/p/sPjuA1rloa/

[TRANS] “I was so grateful that a lot of people visited us at Seongeup Land despite the rain. I was about to wrap up, and all of sudden Hero Jaejoong came to ride the go-cart. After enjoying his go-cart riding in the rain, he said go-cart riding is more fun when it rains. He concluded his ride with a sip of Americano.
Jaejoong is such a cool guy!
Seongeup Land will support you always!”

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[TRANS] [We] also drank today

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[TRANS] I’m going to sleep here for the first time finally~ how wonderful
Sleep tight, everybody^^

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Anonymous asked...
Do you have the link to JYJ's OFFICIAL fancafe on DAUM? Thanks!

At my knowledge they don’t have an official one.  There are a couple of Daum Cafe Communities.

Here are some of the ones i found:








This is your debut film. How do you feel? 
I felt nervous during the stage greetings. Likewise when watching Haemoo for the first time. The people around me keep accentuating that it is my first movie and this seems to make me rather more nervous.

Other large-scale Korean movie are premiering at the same time. The burden must be great, right?
If <Kundo> <Roaring Currents> and <The Pirates> are the ‘Big Three’ then we [T/N: Haemoo] is mega. (Laughs) Because all the movies that are premiering are great films, it will be good if we all do well. I think there is no need to view all Korean movies as separate films.

What do you like about Haemoo’s scenario?
Even though it’s an ordinary movie, it’s also a thriller, sci-fi, horror film. When I first read the scenario of Haemoo, it was good because it’s a thriller with the arising of a strange incident. However when filming ultimately ended, it felt like Haemoo is a movie which gives a lot of thoughts. When reading the scenario and imagining as I was reading, the film felt stronger than now. When I was watching it, it feel slightly softer.

The completed film is also full of intensity. (laughs)
After the movie has ended, you feel as if your pulse is gone and you are not able to get up from your seat. From the beginning till the end, it is full of tension and I reckon this is Haemoo’s strong point.

Haemoo looks like a film that is taxing physically and mentally.
Though it is difficult, Haemoo is also an interesting film. While I’m still alive, I want to see when I can rescue a stowaway and fall in love with that stowaway. I was attracted to the fact that it’s an experience which is difficult to have and an expressible film. On top of that, I also considered about expressing a situation which I’ve never faced before and basically to know more about people and love.

When acting as Dongshik, what were you concerned about?
Watching the seniors acting, it’s not acting but I felt that they were naturally portraying a person’s figure. I wanted to act like how the seniors did. I had the determination to lay down Actor Park Yuchun and express Dongshik but when I ‘become’ Dongshik, some of my own actions will come out on its own. When expressing Dongshik, I wanted to feel Dongshik’s feeling more than Park Yuchun’s feeling. I wanted to show Dongshik’s actions naturally and not artificially. For example, as Dongshik shines he flashlight on the the wound while looking for the medicine and at the same time looking at the photo, I put in effort to infuse Dongshik’s normal behavior into my acting.

Is your acting approach in Haemoo different when you were working on it?
No. But because Dongshik is a person who does not dress up, I was especially more determined to express it spontaneously. I like to freely show my looks as it is and act naturally. For instance, when filming as a deity in a fairy tale, I want to express a real figure like the beam which emits from a cellphone’s touch screen. However for dramas, there are many factors to be considered like lighting, time etc. I feel that it’s a waste because it was difficult for me to act like I desired to. Haemoo’s environment made it possible to film as if it’s real and before filming it is expected of me to act as Dongshik.

Kim Yunseok described Dongshik as the most insane character among the sailors.
I’ve heard a lot about Dongshik being insane (laughs). Dongshik is a simple/naive child who suffered a lot in undertaking tough jobs to take responsibility of his grandmother. The decision to work on-board a ship was not an easy one for Dongshik to make. Although it was very hard to be in the position between the father-like sailors and Hongmae, he chose Hongmae as he thought about the ridiculous killing of the people on-board the ship. Even without Hongmae, Dongshik would have eventually revolted against the captain.

It does not seem like it’s Dongshik’s first time seeing a lady but what is the reason of Dongshik feeling intoxicated by Hongmae’s charm?
When a man goes for military service, there will be a big fuss when they see a lady right? Is it not so? (laughs) Just like in the movie, when facing a tiring and difficult situation there’s a wish to lean on someone. For instance, if a person has been overseas for a long time, that person would have a longing to love someone, right? However after returning to Korea, there will be people who will miss the person they have loved when they were overseas but there will also be people who will instantaneously focus constantly on their own lives. Because Dongshik is a childlike character, his sincere and pure feelings towards Hongmae remained unchanged from the beginning till the end. Hongmae is a woman who would work to save herself.

[To be continued…]

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[TRANS] Wow the weather is nice~!!


Junsu retweeted @Toscana_jeju:

[TRANS] Ahead of the opening on September 25, worldwide artist JI Yong-ho’s sculpture went on display at Toscana hotel.


JYJ3 note: Junsu posed before with one of JI Yong-ho’s sculpture, in the photo booklet for ‘The Beginning’ album – BOAR andJunsu

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