"Let's see how far our shouts and voices will carry."

[PHOTO] 준수, 아시안게임의 성화를 책임진 JYJ. http://instagram.com/p/tIlzj9v1Nu/

[TRANS] Junsu, JYJ who are responsible for Asian Games’ torch

JYJ3 note: Previously, he was the production director for musical ‘December’
(His profile says: “17th Asian Games Incheon 2014 Opening & Closing ceremonies- Production Supervisor. “Hedwig”-Production supervisor/scene stealer.”)

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Recorded by Muggles:

JYJ entrance


Recorded by Fans:

JYJ “Empty” BackSide

JYJ “Empty” – Junsu Focus

JYJ ”Empty” – Yoochun Focus

JYJ “Empty” – Jaejoong Focus

Jaejoong Focus – going off stage

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[TRANS] Perhaps, before I know, I’ve become more familiar as an musical actor than a singer to many people except my fans..
I felt new because I could show them something as a singer~ I was happy^^
Ah! And one more, Korean athletes Fighting!!

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[ENG SUB] 140919 JYJ on Thai CH3 evening news: IAG, changing the lives of its performing artists

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In Thailand when JYJ performed on TV, the MC said that Not only in korea but JYJ is very famous in many countries … I love Thai MC ㅠㅠ (via @Noonygirly)

[NEWS] 140919 JYJ mesmerizes fans at opening stage of the Incheon Asian Games Ceremony

JYJ decorated the opening stage of the 2014 Incheon Asian Games Ceremony, which began at 6PM KST on September 19th.

C-JeS Entertainment announced JYJ has been advertising the Incheon Asian Games for more than two years starting in 2012, and this opening stage shows that JYJ is the symbol singer group who ties Asian countries together.

Therefore, JYJ members have actively advertising the event everywhere they go, and this activity has been completed by decorating the opening stage of the 2014 Incheon Asian Games Ceremony in Korea, performing the first part of the finale stage.

Staff members of the Incheon Asian Games Ceremony commented, that they noticed that many fans of JYJ have come to the stadium to see JYJ, a group who helps harmonize among Asian countries.

Meanwhile, on September 18th, JYJ completed their rehearsal.

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[NEWS] 140919 JYJ, Psy, and EXO perform for the opening ceremony of the ‘2014 Incheon Asian Games’ via @Allkpop



JYJ “Only One”

JYJ “Empty”



Only One

New Song



Japanese TV



Singapore TV

Full with English Commentary

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Group JYJ will open the IAG with a spectacular show.

JYJ’s agency C-jes announced that JYJ will sing IAG’s theme song ‘Only One’ at the Opening Ceremony scheduled to begin at 6 PM on the 19th in the Main Stadium of IAG with the torch relay performance.

JYJ finished the rehearsal coordinating movements with the final torchbearer and athletes the day before.

Besides the theme song JYJ will perform their hit song ‘EMPTY’ on the stage to uplift the mood of festivity.

Their agency added, “JYJ visited various Asian countries to promote IAG for the last two years as the honorary ambassadors of the Game. We are happy that they can sing for the harmony of Asia on the finale stage.”

The Opening Ceremony of 2014 IAG will be broadcasted on all 3 major networks at 6 PM.

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+++ Bonus pictures +++

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This is your debut film. How do you feel?
I felt nervous during the stage greetings. Likewise when watching Haemoo for the first time. The people around me keep accentuating that it is my first movie and this seems to make me rather more nervous.

Other large-scale Korean movie are premiering at the same time. The burden must be great, right?
If <Kundo> <Roaring Currents> and <The Pirates> are the ‘Big Three’ then we [T/N: Haemoo] is mega. (Laughs) Because all the movies that are premiering are great films, it will be good if we all do well. I think there is no need to view all Korean movies as separate films.

What do you like about Haemoo’s scenario?
Even though it’s an ordinary movie, it’s also a thriller, sci-fi, horror film. When I first read the scenario of Haemoo, it was good because it’s a thriller with the arising of a strange incident. However when filming ultimately ended, it felt like Haemoo is a movie which gives a lot of thoughts. When reading the scenario and imagining as I was reading, the film felt stronger than now. When I was watching it, it feel slightly softer.

The completed film is also full of intensity. (laughs)
After the movie has ended, you feel as if your pulse is gone and you are not able to get up from your seat. From the beginning till the end, it is full of tension and I reckon this is Haemoo’s strong point.

Haemoo looks like a film that is taxing physically and mentally.
Though it is difficult, Haemoo is also an interesting film. While I’m still alive, I want to see when I can rescue a stowaway and fall in love with that stowaway. I was attracted to the fact that it’s an experience which is difficult to have and an expressible film. On top of that, I also considered about expressing a situation which I’ve never faced before and basically to know more about people and love.

When acting as Dongshik, what were you concerned about?
Watching the seniors acting, it’s not acting but I felt that they were naturally portraying a person’s figure. I wanted to act like how the seniors did. I had the determination to lay down Actor Park Yuchun and express Dongshik but when I ‘become’ Dongshik, some of my own actions will come out on its own. When expressing Dongshik, I wanted to feel Dongshik’s feeling more than Park Yuchun’s feeling. I wanted to show Dongshik’s actions naturally and not artificially. For example, as Dongshik shines he flashlight on the the wound while looking for the medicine and at the same time looking at the photo, I put in effort to infuse Dongshik’s normal behavior into my acting.

Is your acting approach in Haemoo different when you were working on it?
No. But because Dongshik is a person who does not dress up, I was especially more determined to express it spontaneously. I like to freely show my looks as it is and act naturally. For instance, when filming as a deity in a fairy tale, I want to express a real figure like the beam which emits from a cellphone’s touch screen. However for dramas, there are many factors to be considered like lighting, time etc. I feel that it’s a waste because it was difficult for me to act like I desired to. Haemoo’s environment made it possible to film as if it’s real and before filming it is expected of me to act as Dongshik.

Kim Yunseok described Dongshik as the most insane character among the sailors.
I’ve heard a lot about Dongshik being insane (laughs). Dongshik is a simple/naive child who suffered a lot in undertaking tough jobs to take responsibility of his grandmother. The decision to work on-board a ship was not an easy one for Dongshik to make. Although it was very hard to be in the position between the father-like sailors and Hongmae, he chose Hongmae as he thought about the ridiculous killing of the people on-board the ship. Even without Hongmae, Dongshik would have eventually revolted against the captain.

It does not seem like it’s Dongshik’s first time seeing a lady but what is the reason of Dongshik feeling intoxicated by Hongmae’s charm?
When a man goes for military service, there will be a big fuss when they see a lady right? Is it not so? (laughs) Just like in the movie, when facing a tiring and difficult situation there’s a wish to lean on someone. For instance, if a person has been overseas for a long time, that person would have a longing to love someone, right? However after returning to Korea, there will be people who will miss the person they have loved when they were overseas but there will also be people who will instantaneously focus constantly on their own lives. Because Dongshik is a childlike character, his sincere and pure feelings towards Hongmae remained unchanged from the beginning till the end. Hongmae is a woman who would work to save herself.

In what way was Dongshik a reliance for Hongmae?
Basically when a man’s thought is shown through his actions, this becomes a huge force for a lady. Isn’t it? Even if that’s not it, when a lady has set her mind on it, she will be able to move in accordance with the man’s ways. It’s a good thing that Hongmae is pure. Though Dongshik protected Hongmae, he also relied a lot on Hongmae. Because of Hongmae, the sense of responsibility which Dongshik carries with him seems to be exploding until now.

During the premier, Hongmae’s dialogue, “Let’s go home” was the line that was most spazzed about.
While filming that scene, Hongmae was frantically beating in my bosom and it was really painful. But when Hongmae was crying to herself and hugging Dongshik, I didn’t realize that I unconsciously let out a sigh, “Aigoo [T/N: Oh my..].”It was like a grandmother saying to her grandchild, “Aigoo, my grandchildren.” Just like that moment, I wanted to feel and protect Hongmae like a child. On top of that, the moment when I heard the word ‘house’ the thought of my grandmother sprouted. Knowing how big a happiness it was to have a home to return to, I felt even more pathetic.

It seems like Dongshik’s relationship with his grandmother and his personality development has made a great impact on you.
Actually, the scene between Dongshik and his grandmother is longer. Dongshik’s grandmother nags during a parent talk, “It’s good if you can stop working on a ship and get yourself a wife. It was not easy for your mom to spend her life with a husband who works on a ship.” Dongshik wanted to feel the love his father had experienced so he followed his father’s footsteps of taking up a job on-board a ship. Even though he is the grandson, he mostly lives with his grandmother and thinks about taking responsibility over his grandmother. Because we have those similar sides, it really touches my heart and I felt his difficulties.

Which side of Dongshik resembles you the most personally?
I am the type who has no other way but to work hard for whatever I want or do not want. In the movie, Dongshik shows himself only to his grandmother of the other sailors so his naive and pure image stands out, but if he was among his peers who are his age, he would have felt more mature. Nevertheless, Dongshik does not easily show or pour out the sense of responsibility which he feels himself to anyone. Even to his grandmother, he does not say much and take it in on his own.

When hiding Hongmae or when stopping the captain from beating up the stowaways, Dongshik showed that he was a smart kid who knew how to make good use of his position as the youngest on board.
Among the sailors, he [Dongshik] was the only one who graduated from high school (laughs). He’s a smart and clever dude, right? He is not as pure, naive and blur as people may think he is, you know? It’s more like his self-expression is his strong side. When he was with Hongmae, the two of them were putting on a show and pretending to be clueless. However when Dongshik was asking Wan-ho [T/N: the original word used here was ‘aje’ which is the slang for ahjussi. Dongshik calls the Jeonjin’s chief engineer ‘aje.’ This character is played by Moon Sung-guen] if Hongmae could stay in the engine room, he could not mount the story together and it was known that he was trying to talk/share. Because Dongshik usually treats the chief engineer [T/N: Again, original word used was ‘aje’] as a father, there is a side of him which could confront the chief engineer comfortably. Such a shrewd guy, right? (laughs)

[To be continued…]

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140919 KBS2 ‘Entertainment Notebook’ : Stars’ colorful Wardrobe Back Story – Park Yuchun

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[SCANS] Park Yuchun featured in Japanese Magazines ‘FtoF’ & ‘Hallyu Pia’ (October 2014 issues)

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[TRANS] 2nd eldest sister is not in pic coz she is busy. Every member of family is present in this event, will take many pics so I can make them my #1 treasures. Need to take care of my health first. Let’s go!


[TRANS] Baby girl of our family(1son 8 daughters) is becoming a mom in 2 months. Baby’s prenatal name is Jikim-ee(the Keeper) and there are 3 rivals: Jaejoong, Hyunah and Seohyun. Jaejoong particularly excited, because the baby is a boy. Jaejoong favors Jikim-ee already. He always favored the youngest nuna…

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140918 MTV Taiwan’s “I Love Idols – Idols of Asia” reports about JYJ in Taipei for ‘THE RETURN OF THE KING’ concert

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[INFO] JYJ’s Exclusive Interview for MTV Taiwan’s “I Love Idols – Idols of Asia” will be released September 22nd [Source - 我愛偶像 Idols of Asia FB]

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[INFO] JYJ’s ‘JUST US’ Fansigning Event on September 30


Fansigning Date&Time: 2014.09.30(Tue), 7 PM KST
Fansigning location: Lotte Card Art Hall

Event period: 2014.09.19(Fri), 11 AM KST ~ 2014.09.28(Sun)
Announcement of winners: 2014.09.29(Mon), 6 PM KST

* Purchase ‘JUST US’ from
Aladin: http://music.aladin.co.kr/events/wevent_music.aspx?start=short&pn=140919_jyj
Yes24: http://www.yes24.com/eWorld/EventWorld/Event?eventno=101782
Interpark: http://book.interpark.com/event/EventFntTemPlate.do?_method=GenTemplate&sc.evtNo=165737 to enter

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[TRANS] Jaejoong: I am a happy person.

[OTHER TRANS] Jaejoong: I’m a happy one.


[TRANS] Junsu to Jaejoong: Like you, I’m also happy.

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