"Let's see how far our shouts and voices will carry."

Male idol group JYJ will perform during the inauguration ceremony of 18th President-Elect Park GeunHye on Feb 25.

The preparatory committee (chaired by Kim JinSun) in charge of the Presidential Inauguration have released the contents of the inaugural events.

JYJ will represent 1990-2000 and will perform the songs ‘I Know’ and ‘Oh! Victory Korea’.

Additional notes: There are other singers invited to the event and each one will sing a song from that era. JYJ will represent 1990-2000 so they are singing a song from Seo Taiji and Boys.

Pre-inaugural ceremony is hosted by Gag Concert’s celebs, performing Singers are Yun Jung Jang, JYJ, PSY – Represent each decades from 1950-present. Others are from musicals so no more idol/contemporary singers. We all should be proud! (via @WidM_)

Source: Nate
Translated by: Ruby(rubypurple_fan) of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3


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